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MANGOSIX — специальная система зонирования позволит Вам провести мероприятие в собственном кругу гостей, отделившись от основного зала и погрузившись в особую атмосферу уюта и спокойствия.

MANGOSIX is a global brand, now in the USA, combining premier coffee and espresso with desserts and juices in a casual bakery style dessert cafe setting. We offer a variety of espresso drinks, freshly blended 100% mango juice, fruit juices, daily baked breads, cookies and muffins, smoothies and organic frozen yogurt.

Dedicated to serving our West Hollywood and Beverly Hills community, MANGOSIX provides a comfortable and cozy environment where we make every day feel fresh. MANGOSIX invites you to come join us at our 3rd Street store to sample our mouthwatering desserts, enjoy our top quality coffee and hang out in our comfortable seating areas.

Шесть принципов MANGOSIX

Experience our stylish and comfortable environment.
We use natural mangoes and organic frozen yogurt, embracing a natural, healthy lifestyle.
Mango juice, organic frozen yogurt, mango and coconut spoon juice, fruit juice with lemonade – our menu will introduce you to a sweet new world.
We express ourselves with healthy, organic passion.
The perfect place to meet, relax and enjoy time with friends.
A modern, fresh combination of nature and city life.